2021 Social Media Marketing Trends

Even though the calendar still says 2020, it's never too early to prepare for 2021... especially after the year we've had!

That includes your social media marketing plans.

Here are a few topics causing chatter among the experts.

SEO with Instagram

Instagram officially announced last month that they would become more search-engine friendly. They've even introduced a search bar where you can type in a keyword and be served relevant posts, profiles, Reels etc.

You want to take FULL advantage of this and make sure that your captions include relevant keywords to help Instagram index you, and people to find you. (but don't be spammy!)

Online Shopping with Instagram

We were always headed towards an e-commerce heavy world, and 2020 enormously accelerated the speed of that shift.

2021 will see even more businesses offering more contactless shopping & interaction for their customers, and that includes Instagram & Facebook shopping. This feature allows you to link products in your social posts which makes it very convenient for your customer to shop as well as share with their friends.

Personality in Your Brand

Showing the human side of your brand will continue to be more prevalent in 2021 to help you stand out in all the noise, and nurture that connection with your customers. Knowing what makes you different and inserting that into your marketing strategy will make it easier to attract your tribe and convert them into raving fans & buyers.

Instagram & Facebook Stories are excellent tools for showing off your personality and giving people a "backstage pass" feeling to your business.


It's ironic that in a year where we've never been more apart, it's also brought the entire world closer together. Conversations with your audience not only helps draw them into your world (and feel like they know you), but also provides you with valuable information on what they are wanting from you.

There's a reason why Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn have all sorts of engagement tools that you can use: polls, quizzes, ask me a question, slider bars. Take full advantage of these interactive features to spark a conversation.

I hope the above is of help to you as you start to brainstorm your social marketing strategy to crush your 2021 goals.

All the indicators are pointing to social media marketing taking center stage in 2021, and you want to be there ready.

Until next time!

Kerri. 😊

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