Instagram Launches New Search Feature and Guides

Instagram has rolled out two new features, and I think they are fabulous new additions for those of us who use Instagram to promote our business.

1. New Search Feature

Instagram has finally launched a new search feature!

Up until now, the only searchable area of Instagram was either via hashtags or your account name.

This week, Instagram rolled out the search upgrade to six countries including Canada, UK, Ireland and the US.

You can access this by going to the explore section, and you'll see suggestions appear in the search box.

Instagram Launches New Search Feature - Instagram Marketing for Equestrian Businesses

Instagram is reported to have said that the search is limited to general interest topics and keywords that are within Instagram's community guidelines, but give it a try.

2. Guides

Ok, this is a BIG one.

"Guides" allows you to share tips, resources and other content in a dedicated section on your profile.

To check if you have Guides, go to your profile and tap the + icon.

You should see Guide listed as the last create option.

Think of it almost like a Blog, where you can group together posts (either your own or others) that are related.

When you've created a Guide, it will show in the row of icons with your posts, Reels, IGTVs etc.

Instagram Launches Guides - Instagram Marketing for Equestrian Businesses

Ideas on how these can be used include:

  • Group your Reviews
  • Create Gift Guides based on Holidays or themes
  • Collection of Tutorials on certain topics
  • Product recommendations or features
  • Sharing locations where your products can be purchased

Visitors can share the Guides to their own Stories and direct messages, which means yet another way of expanding your visibility and reach.

I've only just started trying them out, and will share on my Instagram account any tips & tricks I discover.

Until next time!

Kerri. 😊


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