Some of My Fave Digital Marketing Tools

The right tools can save you a ton of time, a lot of stress, and more importantly help you save money while at the same time helping your business grow. 

I wanted to share with you a few digital tools I absolutely love, and use on a weekly basis. All of them have a free option as well as a mobile app so you can use from your phone or tablet.



This app helps you stay super organized, no matter where you are.
It allows you to manage your notes, ideas, web pages you come across, to-do lists etc.
AND, you can share your virtual notes & notebooks with others - which is perfect for collaborating and getting everyone on the same page.

How I use it: 

  • keeping track of content ideas for my blog & social media
  • taking & keeping my notes from training courses & webinars
  • save useful information I find online by giving me an easy way to save full webpage screens, or just the parts that are of interest to me
  • scan & keep documents such as receipts, cheques etc.



This simple online platform allows you to create amazing looking graphics & other visual marketing materials such as brochures, reports, posters, Instagram posts and a ton of other things.

You can browse through a multitude of templates, then customize the one you like by "dragging & dropping" elements like photos, shapes and text. You can also share what you're working on with someone else who can also edit your design.

How I use it: 

  • creating How-To tutorial guides
  • creating promotional graphics for Facebook & Instagram
  • creating Instagram templates



Fantastic resources for free high-resolution photos. Search through their extensive catalogue of photos which are free for both personal and professional use.



A file hosting service that offers cloud storage that can be shared with others.

How I use it: 

  • when I want to share a file/files that are too large to send over email
  • to organize files a client is sharing with me for a project, so we can each see the content and easily spot anything that is missing (no more searching through endless emails!)

Until next time!