Crap! I haven't posted yet to social media today 😣

Let’s chat about how to make your life easier with posting to social media.

You know you need to be posting consistently on social media. Just like with exercising, the more consistent you are the quicker you'll start seeing results.

But every day might feel like a mini anxiety attack thinking “Crap! I have to make a post... what do I post about? I don't have time to get it sorted!”

Here’s what I recommend to my clients:

  1. Take 1 hour and plan out at least 1 month of posts. While daily posts are awesome, aim for at least 3-4/week.
  2. Take another 1-2 hours and flesh out those posts, choosing your picture(s)/video(s), writing out your captions and including your hashtags.
  3. Use Facebook Creator Studio to schedule them in. You can schedule both to your Facebook page AND Instagram account.

    TIP: I prefer to separate out the Facebook & Instagram posts so that I’m only including the hashtags on Instagram.
  4. Keep a folder where you store images & videos which can be used. That way you’re always building up a treasure chest of media you can refer to when you’re crafting your posts.

    TIP: Dropbox is a handy file storage tool which you can then save to and access no matter where you are, or what device you're using.
  5. Don’t worry about being 100% original each and every time. Not everyone will see your posts each time as organic reach is pretty low (like 20% or less), and those who are your fans won’t mind the reminder 😊

Need help getting organized? Check out my free Social Media Planner to help get you organized.

It also includes content ideas for when you’re feeling stuck.

Until next time!



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